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Company Profile

OMC Americas office in Houston, Texas
OMC Americas Headquarters
Houston, TX USA

OMC Americas, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has been in operation since 2015.

An experienced staff supporting both North and South America provides sales, service and engineering support for local and international clients and distributors. OMC Americas assembles and services valves and other instrumentation; including but not limited to specialty manufacturing, custom products and solution development.

OMC's product lines include linear/rotary control valves, pneumatic/electro-pneumatic instrumentation, custom designed specialty valves and accessories.

OMC building headquarters in Italy
OMC Worldwide Headquarters
Cassina dè Pecchi, Milan, Italy

Active since 1976, OMC Italy is one of the leading European companies in the field of automation, pneumatic and electropneumatic instrumentation, for process control. OMC's production line includes a wide and complete range of pre-installed products, operating in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical, and textile industry.

The consolidated experience of its engineers, along with an extensive expertise of the plant engineering, enable OMC to design and produce custom pneumatic logic control panels for industrial process plants (turnkey contract).

OMC's organizational structure is designed to provide customers with the best quality and assistance from purchase of OMC instrumentation, to installation and start-up.

Industries Served

Oil and Gas


Chemical and Petrochemical

Industrial Gases

Food and Beverage

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Power Generation

Pulp and Paper

Mining (and Ore Extraction)

HVAC, Building Automation, and District Heating/Cooling

Water and Waste Water

Iron and Steel Production


North and South America Headquarters

12621 Haynes Road
Houston, Texas, 77066, USA
Tel.: (281) 397-1610
E-mail: info@omcamericas.com

Global Headquarters

Via Galileo Galilei, 18 20060
Cassina dè Pecchi (MI) - Italia
Tel.: (+39)
Fax: (+39)
E-mail: info@omcvalves.com


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    Feb 2019

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